Trump Dreams Up Another Immigrant Crisis

Public safety, national security and the rule of law are among the incantations the Trump administration likes to chant when rolling out one of its deliberately and pointlessly cruel immigration policies. It evidently hopes that repetition will somehow insulate its actions from public or judicial scrutiny.

The Right To Vote Is Under Siege In 2018

Voting rights are on the ballot on Tuesday.
In some cases directly, with voter ID ballot initiatives in Arkansas and North Carolina, and a ballot initiative in Florida regarding the voting rights of people with felony records.

Trump’s Attack On Birthright Citizenship Is His Latest Attempt To Rile Up The GOP Base

Trump has floated a series of last-minute policy proposals as Republicans aim to defend their congressional majorities in next Tuesday’s midterm elections.
His tax and immigration, which appear to have caught even some of his allies off guard, seem designed to boost Republicans as they try to hold control of the House and Senate.
Some of his plans appear less than feasible with Congress out of Washington.

Donald Trump’s Disgusting Message to Women

Heads up, women; there’s something Donald Trump wants you to know.
He has just named former Fox News chief Bill Shine as White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications. On the same day, he also mocked the #MeToo movement, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Rep. Maxine Waters, sending a very clear — and frankly disgusting — message about where he stands on harassment, assault, and the mistreatment of women.