Trump Administration Is Deporting People To Country Where Almost 20 Percent Of Population Is Enslaved

Four men are facing deportations this week to Mauritania, a northwest African country where the practice of slavery continues. The possible deportations come just a week after President Donald Trump held a meeting to “discuss the Administration’s efforts to tackle human trafficking.”

Separating Families Again? What We Know About The Proposed ‘Binary Choice’ Policy

Administration officials are weighing a proposal that could result in parents and kids once again being split up by the US government — but this time, it would be the parents’ choice.

Trump Shows Up Late to G7 Women’s Empowerment Breakfast

During the few hours he spent at the G7 Summit in Quebec, President Trump effectively acted as a one-man turd in the punch bowl, distancing America from its supposed allies at just about every opportunity. On Saturday morning, Trump threw in straight-up rudeness to his list of offenses, showing up conspicuously late to a meeting