‘We Just Have To Win’: With Trump in the White House, Stakes Are Higher Than Ever For Emily’s List and Democratic Women

What makes Emily’s List loom so large in 2018 is the combination of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat and Donald Trump’s provocations from the White House.
More than 300 women — a record — are now running for Congress.
Emily’s List President Stephanie Schriock spoke to CNBC’s John Harwood about the Trump era, Nancy Pelosi’s leadership and the Me Too movement.

Working moms to suffer under TrumpCare

A bootstrap mythology of American exceptionalism — without women — has become the new Republican ethos. From tweets about a woman’s supposed bloody facelift and dissolving the White House Council on Women and Girls to supporting a version of healthcare that places women’s lives in grave danger, the Trump administration is working to remove women from American life, one policy at a time.

Ivanka Trump Replies on Paid Family Leave

“The [paid family leave] policy outlined in the administration’s recent budget proposal emphasizes the need for mothers and fathers to have access to paid leave to encourage both parents to share parenting responsibilities and to strive toward minimizing hiring biases. While this policy will benefit all working parents, it will have an especially positive effect for women, who are far more likely than men to leave the workforce to provide unpaid care for a child.”