Trump: ‘If You Want Your Stocks To Go Down, I Strongly Suggest Voting Democrat’

President Donald Trump tied the success of the faltering stock market to the election in a tweet Tuesday, suggesting that if the Democrats prevail on Nov. 6 it could mean more losses.

Educated White Women Were Already Recoiling From Trump. Then Came Kavanaugh

Even before Christine Blasey Ford delivered her controlled but explosive testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, college-educated white women like her represented a rising threat to Republican prospects in the November election.

#MeToo Has Debunked The ‘Lean In’ Philosophy

In the past decade, the concept of unleashing women’s inner “boss” has been in vogue. Seemingly everyone was peddling a conference, book, or catchphrase aimed at teaching women how to beat the work-life juggle and get ahead—and many women, long frustrated, were eager to try whatever took to achieve equality in the workplace.