Analysis: Trump Is Making Racism Boring Again

President Donald Trump may be on the verge on doing something that arguably no American leader has ever done: Make racism boring. When Trump released an ad Thursday demonizing Mexicans and blaming Democrats for allowing an undocumented immigrant who was convicted of killing police officers to stay in the United States, some called it Willie

Republicans Are Waging War on Women—and Two Women Can Stop Them

There is an epidemic of violence against women in this country. Yet there is not one single GOP co-sponsor of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2018.

Educated White Women Were Already Recoiling From Trump. Then Came Kavanaugh

Even before Christine Blasey Ford delivered her controlled but explosive testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, college-educated white women like her represented a rising threat to Republican prospects in the November election.

Trump May Be the Most Anti-Women US President Ever

Donald Trump wants you to believe he has “great respect” for women, but his words and actions tell a far different story. In fact, Trump may be the most anti-women US president ever.

When It Comes to Trump, Men and Women Remain Far Apart

The evidence continues to pile up. When it comes to Donald Trump, there’s a big difference between men and women.

The Women Who Gave Trump the White House Could Tip the Midterms to Democrats

When Donald Trump this week publicly disparaged his former aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman as a “dog,” he crystallized again the belligerent style and volatile behavior that has exposed Republican candidates in November to the risk of a crushing backlash among women. The most important unanswered question for the midterm election may be how far that backlash extends among the women whose preponderant support keyed his victory in the first place.

Nothing Makes Donald Trump Angrier Than a Woman He Can’t Control

Omarosa Manigault-Newman is not doing any of this because she wants to do the right thing. She is a cheerful opportunist who maintained a close relationship with a reality TV host on whose show she appeared 14 years ago, and who parlayed that peculiar bit of fame into a West Wing job after he became president. (This is almost certainly not the reward she expected, but sometimes, shrewd investments pay off more handsomely than one imagined.) She defended him to everyone until the moment she determined that remaining loyal was no longer her most profitable course of action, at which point she promised to sell explosive evidence of his bigotry—not that anyone would be surprised to hear him use a racial slur, given how flippantly we assume he uses it in private, but still—to the highest bidder.