‘We Just Have To Win’: With Trump in the White House, Stakes Are Higher Than Ever For Emily’s List and Democratic Women

What makes Emily’s List loom so large in 2018 is the combination of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat and Donald Trump’s provocations from the White House.
More than 300 women — a record — are now running for Congress.
Emily’s List President Stephanie Schriock spoke to CNBC’s John Harwood about the Trump era, Nancy Pelosi’s leadership and the Me Too movement.

Trump May Be the Most Anti-Women US President Ever

Donald Trump wants you to believe he has “great respect” for women, but his words and actions tell a far different story. In fact, Trump may be the most anti-women US president ever.
Case in point: On Friday, Trump defended his former aide Rob Porter after news broke of allegations that Porter had been physically abusive to his two ex-wives, Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby.

Rapid-response legal network fights ‘dangerous retreats’ on women’s issues in Trump era

It started with a kind of Trump-era emergency alert.
“Under the Trump Administration, we are already seeing a serious reduction in federal civil rights enforcement,” read the email sent to lawyers and legal organizations nationwide this summer. “Simultaneously, reports indicate that new waves of gender-based hostility and harassment . . . have increased in schools and workplaces across the country.”