Trump: ‘If You Want Your Stocks To Go Down, I Strongly Suggest Voting Democrat’

President Donald Trump tied the success of the faltering stock market to the election in a tweet Tuesday, suggesting that if the Democrats prevail on Nov. 6 it could mean more losses.

Internal Documents Show How Trump Administration Misled Public on Poverty

After a U.N. agency issued a report in May on the state of poverty in the United States, concluding that 40 million Americans are poor and more than 5 million live in “Third World conditions,” the Trump administration ridiculed the findings.

Business Alarmed As Trump Administration Refuses Exemptions for China Tariffs

Business leaders and lawmakers are expressing alarm that the White House is apparently not allowing any exemptions to its latest round of China tariffs, which cover $200 billion worth of goods. The U.S. Trade Representative’s Office has yet to create a process for requesting exclusions to the levies, a contrast to previous rounds of tariffs.

The GOP Senate Tax Bill Will Make It Much Harder To Be A Woman In America

The Senate voted to pass a sweeping GOP tax bill on Saturday morning while Americans were sleeping, in a move that was sharply criticized by both Democrats and the public. While the biggest takeaway is that the wealthiest people and big corporations would receive massive tax cuts and reap the most benefits, the GOP tax bill would dramatically affect millennial women by slashing investments in women and families programs, gutting a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, and placing more financial burdens on young women.