Trump’s Attack On Birthright Citizenship Is His Latest Attempt To Rile Up The GOP Base

Trump has floated a series of last-minute policy proposals as Republicans aim to defend their congressional majorities in next Tuesday’s midterm elections.
His tax and immigration, which appear to have caught even some of his allies off guard, seem designed to boost Republicans as they try to hold control of the House and Senate.
Some of his plans appear less than feasible with Congress out of Washington.

Election Update: 100 Women — Or More — Could Be Elected To The House

Welcome to our Election Update for Thursday, Oct. 25! Democrats currently have a 5 in 6 chance (84 percent) to flip the House. That’s a little lower than Monday’s mark of 87 percent. Their average gain is 38 seats.

Many of those gains will be because of women. Women appear poised to vote for Democrats in record numbers this year, and many of the candidates themselves are women. The 116th Congress could have a record number of female legislators; at present, the historical high-water mark is the 107 women (84 in the House, 23 in the Senate) currently serving in the 115th Congress.