Women in Medicine Shout #MeToo About Sexual Harassment at Work

Annette Katz didn’t expect to be part of a major social movement. She didn’t set out to take on a major health organization. But that all began to change when a co-worker saw her fighting back tears and joined Katz to report to her union what amounted to a criminal sexual offense at a Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center in 2012 and 2013.

Women Who Are Moving The World Forward

With headline news hitting everyone, everywhere, every hour of the day, it can be easy to hunker down and concentrate only on what’s happening in your immediate area. But something key to remember is that few struggles happen in isolation — and these days, as people around the world become closer than ever, so many of our causes are interconnected.

Trump Plans New Limits on Family Immigration and Access to Services

A draft rewrite of long-standing immigration rules being developed by the Trump administration would intentionally skirt the U.S. Congress to place sharp, new restrictions on working-class immigrants’ ability to reunite with their family members. The draft radically reinterprets an obscure 1882 provision in federal immigration law—known as the public-charge provision—in a way that departs from more than a century of precedent established by courts and the executive branch.